Meanwhile in…

Meanwhilein3 posts are split into 3 Categories:

1. 3rd World Issue

  • We all know that there are places in the world that lack modern resources. The lack of resources leads to major issues that can seem overwhelming. The stories of individuals and concerns of these places will be told by meanwhilein3. Sometimes, if we know more about individual people who are suffering the big issues seems less overwhelming. We will give you opportunities and resources to help the 3rd world and places in need.

2. Good Things that People Do

  • Not everything that happens is bad, there are so many great works that people do to make this world a better place. When we come across a remarkable person we will share them with you. Meanwhilein3 wants to show them off, to inspire you to do good works too. Maybe one day you will find a story about yourself here 😉 .

3. People and Places in need

  • I have heart for the third world countries that are suffering, but I will not forget the American’s that are suffering here in the land of the free. On this page you will find topics concerning People and Places in America that are in need.

Each category discusses different topics concerning people who are in need or those who are helping. Click around and find out what is happening now.


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