The Humanitarian Experience: Enduring Love

Cultural Somali Bridal Attire

Cultural Somali Bridal Attire

Since I have left the place that I called home for 25 years to this place called Nairobi, I have had to deal with the things that any person attached to a family will inevitably encounter, only this time it was from afar. Intermixed in the events of my homeland and family, I have also experienced good and bad events with those I am cultivating relationships with here in Nairobi. Reflecting on these events has made me understand the importance of each event encountered. It was as if there was purpose ;).

Over the summer months my family has gone through times of mourning and celebration. And as I use the great technologies of this century to keep in touch and follow the events that have occurred this summer, I see our resilience as a family in a different light.

I don’t want to delve into the times of mourning too much but I will say that, reflecting on them now makes me sigh a breath of relief that we as a family are getting past it and are on a path that looks hopeful. And should we have to be in that state again, I now know without a doubt that we are resilient enough to persevere through. And for that I thank God. So onto the good stuff!

My brother got married! He tied the knot with an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out. She has proven to be a woman of strength during the time of turbulence that we all experienced. And because of it all, their love has become a beacon of light that inspired many near and far to them. And now, as they make my brother’s bachelor pad a home of marriage and love, I smile and laugh remembering those times that my husband and I shared 5 years ago.

I did not get to attend the wedding because of the great distance and cost, but I was there in my mind the entire time that the event of their lives was taking place. And though I missed the day, I smile on the moments that were captured and sent to me in the form of JPEG. Thank you God for technology.


They were not the only ones to celebrate love and endure life’s events this year in my life…

I mentioned in an earlier post that a friend of mine contracted Typhoid fever. Her name is Maryanne, She recently moved to Nairobi, from a refugee camp to marry her husband Abdi. I attended their wedding earlier this spring. And boy oh boy was it fun! I will post about it soon enough.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but there are some parallels to these two marriages. As my brother and his young bride overcame a great time of sadness, the newlyweds Abdi and Maryanne, were also about to defeat a great obstacle. I watched as Abdi with great responsibility cared for his new bride as she defeated a disease that has stolen many lives here in Africa. Maryanne is now healthy for which those near and far to her are thankful for. I say far because when she married Abdi I shared to those I love that another whom I loved was celebrating, and when she became ill I did the same. The relationship that I share with her also includes people she does not know, just as I share a relationship with those whom she shares her life with.

Relationships are based off of sharing life events. Without the events of life a relationship is superficial. As I watch these two couples nurture their relationships, I see the strength grow exponentially from the physical events that they have encountered. Both my brother and my Somali friends have been blessed that they were able to endure their trials, for in some instances what they have experienced may have been fatal to their happiness together, and for that I rejoice.



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