The Humanitarian Experience: What I did this Month


The month of July 2013 was filled with lots and lots of activity. I will most likely go into more details in future posts about each of the following events but for now, as I decompress into the month of August I will simply put it into a list.

  1. Riot!! We experienced a full-blown riot that occurred within view of our school. We could hear the gunshots and all.
  2. 2 month Anniversary for our English school!
  3. A team member who has been with us since the beginning went home to America to continue her education.
  4. We got to enjoy the touristy opportunities of Nairobi City. This was long overdue since we have lived here for nearly 7 months – Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Manor.
  5. My brother got married, one of the many family events I have missed since moving here.
  6. A close friend here in Nairobi, was diagnosed with TYPHOID FEVER!!
  7. We got a new team member, always a good thing.
  8. Fender benders x4! Having a vehicle is nice, but driving here is stressful.
  9. We made new friends and enjoyed delicious Ethiopian food.
  10. Celebrated the 4th of July for the first time outside of the U.S.A.

Phew, I have a lot to write about!

But for now please enjoy some pictures below from this month’s city and animal adventures.


One thought on “The Humanitarian Experience: What I did this Month

  1. loved your blog Raquel, I look forward to reading them. loved adams joke. you guys are so good at the language, sounds like you have conguered it and more. Love You Nana

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