The Humanitarian Experience: I Quit my Job to do Something Greater

One intimidating list for one normal person to complete.

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and we all have a ton of things on our to-do list. Mine is definitely full and because of that you may have noticed that my posts have been pretty lacking in their frequency and I would like to apologize for that, but have EXTREMELY INTERESTING NEWS to present to you all. As you know my blog is about the humanitarian work that my husband and I do, along with stories that I come across from other people and their experiences as a humanitarian. The news that I am about to present to you is life encompassing and involves 100% the humanitarian lifestyle that I promote.

At the end of December my husband and I will be moving to Kenya to help start a school for children and young teens. We will be teaching and administrating with a team of people who also have the life passion of humanitarianism.

Phew… I got it out! For some reason I was very anxious to get that out and in the open to you all. Some of you I feel I have a close “internet” relationship with and just as I nervously have announced to my friends and family at home I do so with confidence and butterflies in my stomach to you all.

So I have done the CRAZY. I have quit my job and am moving to Kenya. Quitting my job was bittersweet. I was comfortable there. I loved the people I worked with and the work I did was challenging and rewarding. But I also know that this great and complicated move to full-time aid/humanitarian work will provide to me in a completely different way – Pure Satisfaction.

In the coming posts you will be hearing about the following – Moving, Traveling, Fundraising, Meeting new people, Working, Adventure, and the stories of those we work with.

If you’re out there and have always wondered what it would be like to do what I am about to do keep following!


18 thoughts on “The Humanitarian Experience: I Quit my Job to do Something Greater

  1. Oh wow! Many blessings to you! I knew a family that lived and worked in Kenya for years (I met them during their year back in the states on furlough). They absolutely LOVED it there and the work they were doing. They also adopted the most precious daughter there who had the most amazing, happy, spunky personality you could imagine!

  2. Good luck! It can be a very tough thing to give up comfort in exchange for doing what you really want to do. Best wishes and look forward to reading more about your adventure.

  3. I hope you will love Africa as much as I do! Kenya is magnificent and you will love the African kids. It is a hard, tough continent. I will follow your journey with interest! I would love to hear your observations and all about your adventures.

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