The Humanitarian Experience: Pack like Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Handsome. Intelligent. Cunning. Adventurer. Archeologist. Light Packer. Awesome.

Indy has the ability to pack for an adventure in a single  piece of carry-on luggage all while still having space for delicate artifacts.When I pack I for an adventure I want to be him. Not only will it make my husband happy that I can pack 8 days worth of clothing in a carry-on (I have done 2 weeks before!) but, I will also succeed in being much much cooler than I actually am.

As I get ready to leave on my version of an Indian Jones Adventure, I am starting to look hard at the space I have to spend, all while longing for an simple wardrobe that will let me get the work done, in the 8 days I will be gone. In this particular post I am inviting you along, on a short and possibly boring packing adventure….


1 pair of flip flops Shower and/or beach use… mostly for shower I don’t trust the foot health of my fellow dormies
1 pair of well worn Chuck’s Their lean design and athletic build will let you run from the Chupacabra and stroll down the dusty streets of Baja.
1 Pair of boots Boots for working and hiking — ‘One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you’ (Ok, maybe not that part)

Hat/Sun Protection:

1 Hat  to rule them all… wait, I’m not going on a quest to Mordor!
Sunscreen I have darker tan-able skin, but I know how the sneaky sun rays work. Today I may look like a golden goddess but a few years down the road I will look like a wrinkled spotted-prune. Sun protection is a must.. oh and I really don’t look like a golden goddess (That was just hyperbole!)


2 Pairs of cargo pants Classic attire
1 pair of stretchy pants “Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room.. it’s for fun. ” — Nacho.  I may not be a man but I do love my stretchy pants, especially after Dessert Tacos (they deserve an entire blog to themselves)
2 Pair of Cut off Jeans (aka hipster pants) Cut to the calf that is! Modest is hottest, plus working in daisy dukes is just a plain bad idea.. think disease ridden dirt, roofing nails and fleas.
1 pair of standard jeans for the ride to and from the ultimate destination


5 work shirts  the good ol’ t-shirt
2 button down shirts In case of a chilly day this little beauty will double as a light sweater
1 tank top  beach attire! can and will be paired with the hipster pants!
1 dress  We usually end up attending some dressier event or if it is hot it will be the air conditioned outfit.
1 blouse  For the ride to and from the ultimate destination


Not much more I can say here.


This is the part of packing is I fail almost every time. I don’t know why I think I need 3 chapsticks or extra floss. Somehow, I jam it all in my poor, seam stretched toiletry bag. This time will be different… remember the goal is to be like Indy not a beauty queen.

8 Q-Tips Extremely important, the wind where we work puts dirt in places you didn’t know existed
Hair brush and 3 rubber bands for my 3 ponytails.. just kidding!
1 eyeliner+Face powder  ugh, magazines, one day I wont believe you anymore
shampoo& conditioner  They count as one
soap Duh..
razor  I Don’t want to be the actual Chupacabra
lotion Im pretty sure Indy uses lotions, look at how flawless his complexion is.
1! Chapstick  Just 1 this time 😉
Face scrub   Phew! that was a close one, see how easy it is to get out of control.
Travel Blow Dryer Don’t want to catch a cold in the night!
Toothbrush Always room for that!


ANTIHISTAMINES! — Read all about this necessary medicine here


Heart of Darkness — I made a pact to myself that it would be read this summer!

I did not included an authentic Indy whip or revolver, but I am pretty sure my adventure still will be memorable. Now that I am packed a few days early I can start my book or maybe watch Indiana secure a sacred artifact and get the girl.

*** I am not a hipster, I just think they have very functional pants***

Photo Cred. Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones and the Raider’s of the Lost Ark. Dir. Stephen Spielberg. Perf. Harrison Ford, Karen Allen. Lucasfilm LTD. 1981. Film


23 thoughts on “The Humanitarian Experience: Pack like Indiana Jones

  1. I really enjoyed reading this..wish I could go wherever you are headed. I like your wit and references to pop culture. Keep writing! That Nancy Sinatra song gets me every time. Hmmm… Contmplative packing. When you finish with Joseph Conrad share your impressions. When I watch Apocolypse Now with Martin Sheen it is easy to see how it was adapted from HOD. Have fun and god bless you! -Patricia

  2. Pretty funny! I’ve been learning to pack light. We just survived a 12 day trip with only carry on luggage. It was the first time I was washing my garments in a hotel sink, but we are tired of paying fees for luggage. Sounds like you have to include more for work and such. Good luck and safe travels. By the way, I read Heart of Darkness last summer–deep, but enjoyable.

    • Ya, I have done the hotel sink washing too, definitely makes you feel like you are traveling, but worth not paying baggage fees. I am looking forward to the book 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  3. What an absolutely fun post. And, as a backcountry traveler, I’ve got a few extra tips on things to pack (except the face scrub and eyeliner!). A wonderful post that really has me smiling.

  4. Very funny 😆 With that sense of humour, you would cope perfectly well even if your undies were missing! And I don’t step into hotel showers without my flip flops either 🙂

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