Humanitarian Experience: Raising the Funds with a Bang!

Fundraising and the 4th of July!

In order to do amazing things one must first find a way. Often times money is at least the first part of the way. There are many ways to raise funds, below is our current endeavor to do so.

Since Friday, June 27th at  9:00am, we have been raising the funds to make the dream a possibility by selling fireworks in a Long John Silver’s parking lot. My husband, family, friends and of course yours truly will have spent hours in the baking in the sun, all with the hopes of selling enough fireworks to make it worth the “Urban Camping Trip” (This is what we refer to the fireworks fundraiser as).

You would think that sitting in a parking lot selling fireworks was easy, but it often leads to “The 3 curses of Selling Fireworks”.

1. Crankiness

2. Lobster Red Complexion (not to be confused with the “Red Lobster”)

3. Uncontrollable Sweating

I have to admit out of the 3 curses I just mentioned, crankiness affects me the most, and on that note I would like to apologize to the man that I was rude to. I knew it was happening the moment I opened my smart-arse mouth.

By the way… I know that I need to get over myself “The 3 curses of Fireworks” are obviously a 1st world problem. Maybe I will go read my “About Me” page, Oh Missy Elliot!

Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America!


2 thoughts on “Humanitarian Experience: Raising the Funds with a Bang!

  1. LOL – I’ve been catching myself complaining about things that in the grand scheme of things aren’t a big problem.

    Hope you raised a good amount of money for the cause!

    • hi! It is easy to think like that, and it is completely normal. As long as you eventually realize how you are looking at your situation in comparison to the grand scheme then you will have conquered something that many cannot.

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