The Humanitarian Experience: Pack like Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Handsome. Intelligent. Cunning. Adventurer. Archeologist. Light Packer. Awesome.

Indy has the ability to pack for an adventure in a single  piece of carry-on luggage all while still having space for delicate artifacts.When I pack I for an adventure I want to be him. Not only will it make my husband happy that I can pack 8 days worth of clothing in a carry-on (I have done 2 weeks before!) but, I will also succeed in being much much cooler than I actually am.

As I get ready to leave on my version of an Indian Jones Adventure, I am starting to look hard at the space I have to spend, all while longing for an simple wardrobe that will let me get the work done, in the 8 days I will be gone. In this particular post I am inviting you along, on a short and possibly boring packing adventure….


1 pair of flip flops Shower and/or beach use… mostly for shower I don’t trust the foot health of my fellow dormies
1 pair of well worn Chuck’s Their lean design and athletic build will let you run from the Chupacabra and stroll down the dusty streets of Baja.
1 Pair of boots Boots for working and hiking — ‘One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you’ (Ok, maybe not that part)

Hat/Sun Protection:

1 Hat  to rule them all… wait, I’m not going on a quest to Mordor!
Sunscreen I have darker tan-able skin, but I know how the sneaky sun rays work. Today I may look like a golden goddess but a few years down the road I will look like a wrinkled spotted-prune. Sun protection is a must.. oh and I really don’t look like a golden goddess (That was just hyperbole!)


2 Pairs of cargo pants Classic attire
1 pair of stretchy pants “Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room.. it’s for fun. ” — Nacho.  I may not be a man but I do love my stretchy pants, especially after Dessert Tacos (they deserve an entire blog to themselves)
2 Pair of Cut off Jeans (aka hipster pants) Cut to the calf that is! Modest is hottest, plus working in daisy dukes is just a plain bad idea.. think disease ridden dirt, roofing nails and fleas.
1 pair of standard jeans for the ride to and from the ultimate destination


5 work shirts  the good ol’ t-shirt
2 button down shirts In case of a chilly day this little beauty will double as a light sweater
1 tank top  beach attire! can and will be paired with the hipster pants!
1 dress  We usually end up attending some dressier event or if it is hot it will be the air conditioned outfit.
1 blouse  For the ride to and from the ultimate destination


Not much more I can say here.


This is the part of packing is I fail almost every time. I don’t know why I think I need 3 chapsticks or extra floss. Somehow, I jam it all in my poor, seam stretched toiletry bag. This time will be different… remember the goal is to be like Indy not a beauty queen.

8 Q-Tips Extremely important, the wind where we work puts dirt in places you didn’t know existed
Hair brush and 3 rubber bands for my 3 ponytails.. just kidding!
1 eyeliner+Face powder  ugh, magazines, one day I wont believe you anymore
shampoo& conditioner  They count as one
soap Duh..
razor  I Don’t want to be the actual Chupacabra
lotion Im pretty sure Indy uses lotions, look at how flawless his complexion is.
1! Chapstick  Just 1 this time 😉
Face scrub   Phew! that was a close one, see how easy it is to get out of control.
Travel Blow Dryer Don’t want to catch a cold in the night!
Toothbrush Always room for that!


ANTIHISTAMINES! — Read all about this necessary medicine here


Heart of Darkness — I made a pact to myself that it would be read this summer!

I did not included an authentic Indy whip or revolver, but I am pretty sure my adventure still will be memorable. Now that I am packed a few days early I can start my book or maybe watch Indiana secure a sacred artifact and get the girl.

*** I am not a hipster, I just think they have very functional pants***

Photo Cred. Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones and the Raider’s of the Lost Ark. Dir. Stephen Spielberg. Perf. Harrison Ford, Karen Allen. Lucasfilm LTD. 1981. Film


The Humanitarian Experience: Creepers be Creepin’

Day 4 of our school assembly tour in the country of Exuma.

That morning I awoke groggy and slightly confused. The sun had barely peeked over the horizon and light was low, yet bright enough to see the dim colors of the room. As I lay on the top bunk of a rickety bunk bed, I hazily rubbed my sleepy blurry eyes. I could hear the soft breathing of the others in the room and the faint tune of an alarm that was going off in the dorm room next door. The room held the cool humidity of the early mornings in the Bahamas.

Sitting up slowly I tried my hardest to blink away the sleep from my eyes. The brightly colored beach towel which was draped over the edge of my roommate’s bed looked blurrier than normal this morning. Realizing for the 1000th + time in my life that my eyes don’t work on their own, I reached for my glasses. The glasses were safely tucked above my pillow for easy access in case of emergency (I can tend to over think possible scenarios). As I slid the cool plastic frames over my temples I realized that the relief of being able to see clearly did not arrive, as it did every morning since the age of 4.

Slowly and carefully I slid down the bed and with the aid of my other 5 senses I made it across the messy dorm room, dodging luggage, hair brushes and beach towels at every angle. I clicked on the bathroom light and allowed the hum of the ancient fluorescent light to slowly fill the room. As the image in the mirror somewhat improved I began to find that there was a reason I could not see this morning, even with my trusty glasses. In a sudden gasp I flung off the glasses and brought my face close to mirror. Lo and behold it was Igor. Yep, I was Igor.

My only guess is that sometime between 11:20 pm and 6:00am some little creepy thing, perhaps a small spider or an annoying mosquito had chosen my face out of the 12 other faces as it’s meal of choice. My right eyelid could barely hold itself open and the other eye which is weaker overall in vision, could not hold up to the task of seeing on its own.

I immediately heard several high-pitched gasps of my roommates who were staggering slowly into the bathroom with toothbrushes in hand. Furiously I washed and scrubbed my face hoping to cure the massive swelling with cold water and harsh hand soap. It did not work.

After eating breakfast and preparing for the day all while hiding my hideous bulging eyelid, I came to the conclusion that the swelling and constant itching were not going to cure themselves. I placed two small pills of antihistamines in my hand, threw them to the back of my throat and gulped down a glass of water. It was going to be a long day…

Since antihistamines have an extremely strong effect on me, the swelling went down to 50% of its original intensity and the itching had subsided within the hour. I of course was not so aware of this due to the extreme drowsiness that hit me like a run-away train. The whole day as I remember it from the end of breakfast on is a blur. I remember falling asleep in a car, waking up in a car. Falling asleep in a van, waking up in a van. Falling asleep under a tree and waking to briefly see a beautiful beach. It wasn’t until 9pm that evening did I finally feel like a real life human again. As I crawled into my bed that night I slowly inched the covers over my head and refused to sleep any other way the entire trip.

Exuma – 2009

For more information on the trip above which I so narrowly described click HERE

Humanitarian Experience: Raising the Funds with a Bang!

Fundraising and the 4th of July!

In order to do amazing things one must first find a way. Often times money is at least the first part of the way. There are many ways to raise funds, below is our current endeavor to do so.

Since Friday, June 27th at  9:00am, we have been raising the funds to make the dream a possibility by selling fireworks in a Long John Silver’s parking lot. My husband, family, friends and of course yours truly will have spent hours in the baking in the sun, all with the hopes of selling enough fireworks to make it worth the “Urban Camping Trip” (This is what we refer to the fireworks fundraiser as).

You would think that sitting in a parking lot selling fireworks was easy, but it often leads to “The 3 curses of Selling Fireworks”.

1. Crankiness

2. Lobster Red Complexion (not to be confused with the “Red Lobster”)

3. Uncontrollable Sweating

I have to admit out of the 3 curses I just mentioned, crankiness affects me the most, and on that note I would like to apologize to the man that I was rude to. I knew it was happening the moment I opened my smart-arse mouth.

By the way… I know that I need to get over myself “The 3 curses of Fireworks” are obviously a 1st world problem. Maybe I will go read my “About Me” page, Oh Missy Elliot!

Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America!