Meanwhile on Father’s Day….

Growing up there was man, a man who made such an impact on my life that without him I would not know where I would be today. This man is one of the strongest and hardest working men I have ever met. From a young age he spent his childhood harvesting the crops of Central California helping to provide financial support for his family. He went on to enlist in the U.S Army where he served his country as a young man traveling the world. This man went on to be a Firefighter who rescued and is now the hero of many. He has worked for over 25 years, to ensure the safety of others and more recently has become a humanitarian to the people of Mexico.

My father

Through trials and injury he has never lost heart, he has never swam in the woes of self-pity; and had he done so, we would have all said it is o.k, you deserve it. 10 years ago my hero, was attacked by a man without morals, without hope and without purpose. From that attack he lost months spent in rehabilitation, he lost a career as a firefighter, vision in one of his eyes and yet he never lost the vision of the future. Through true Grace and blessing he survived and he became stronger because of it all.

My Father’s drive for a better tomorrow, his self-sacrifice and his unwavering joy has inspired me to be quite simply better. His lifetime of giving and dedication to hard work, strong family and now, giving to those near and far from home, is what makes me proud to be his daughter.

I love you Dad, you are the best humanitarian a daughter could wish for.

Happy Father’s Day and thank you to all Father’s who provide for their children wisdom and true love.

My father building a home for a needy family – 2011


15 thoughts on “Meanwhile on Father’s Day….

  1. its a blessing to have a father like him. i lost my father when i was 14, he was a very honest, kind and loving man as much as i recollect, i went away to live with my sister when i was 12 so my memories of him are very little.

  2. Your dad is one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever known….same as your mom. I rarely have an opportunity to visit with your folks, but when I do, I always walk away with a deeper appreciation for “kindness” and the healing capabilities of a smile..your parents ALWAYS smile. Your father is a very gifted craftsman and the ideal jack of all trades. I’ve always admired his resourcefulness and propensity to be industrious. Everyone in the family does. You and Josh are truly blessed to have your parents. We need more humanitarians like your dad on the scene. His story is incredible!

  3. So beautifully written, and a very touching and heartfelt story that had me thinking of my own father. How special that you are equally proud of one another.


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