Meanwhile in the Recession…

My full-time job is in the staffing and recruitment industry. With the economy in a poor state of being, unemployment is becoming a way of life for so many. The staffing industry is not short of people who need a job. This in turn increases the competition for those all vying for the dream jobs out there.

Meanwhile in the Recession..

I recently heard that 50% of college grads are either underemployed or unemployed all together. I graduated in 2010 with my bachelor’s degree and can relate to this statistic. I searched for a job for nearly a year before I got the job I currently have. It was tough. I had to stand out and prove that although I recently graduated, I had more to offer than those who already had years of experience ahead of me.

So what does this all have to do with the theme of this blog? One word, your… Resume.  You need to have a resume full of amazing abilities and accomplishments.

I am going to totally sound like your High school counselor right now, but if you’re stuck and can’t find a job, I can only suggest one thing. Volunteer.

There are countless non-profits that need FREE help, to make their programs successful. You need to first identify the field you are trying to work in, pin down your skills and give to those who need you.

In my personal example, I helped to create, develop and write a “Community Service” Club Curriculum for high school students. I used my time available to work on something that I will never get paid for, and then when I started to apply for jobs I used this act of goodness to prove my abilities. Because, I could prove that I had the ability to successfully develop programs I was recruited to do so for the company that I am currently working with.

Daily we receive inquiries from potential candidates, stating that they went to school for web design. But when it comes to proving the skills learned many fall short. You need to prove more than your ability to pass a class. Web developers are expensive, and non-profits tend to have little money to put towards this aspect of their programs. If you’re a web developer looking for work, do a free job or two. Make your portfolio shine with the work of a humanitarian.

Although I used only a few examples here of the skills that you can apply to volunteerism, there are countless others that I know you all have. Skills, that the non-profits out there would be so gracious to receive, free of charge.

To give is to receive.


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile in the Recession…

  1. Great post! Thanks for your advice. When I look at my future I’m worried about these things – finding a job etc… I’m still in high school, yet this post made me feel better about this 🙂

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