The Humanitarian Experience: When you’re the one in need

Wow, I have missed a few weeks, of posting!
Have you ever felt like a man named Job? I felt like the man named, Job this past month of April. The Job I am referring to is the man from the Old Testament that endured the worst of worst. Throughout the month of April, I continued to find myself experiencing one negative event after another. Every time I would think “Could it be a worse month?” and it would just get worse. I stopped asking myself that question eventually. Some of trials were pretty hard to deal with.

          3 sick family members

o   2 in the hospital

          Appendicitis which led to surgery

          The death of my first beloved dog named “Apple”

As I evaluate the events of last month I am realigned in my mind set in the fact that to some the trials that I experienced are merely scrapes in comparison to the deep cuts that others have seen in their lifetime.  I will not shrink the effect that the month of April 2012 had on me, but I will strive to examine it on a larger scale.

There are people out there, broken, imprisoned, hurting and dying unjustly. There are people who are waiting on wishes and dreams to come true, prayers to be answered and for rescue.

Many times this month I was the one waiting, I was the one praying and wanting relief.  So many times it arrived in the form of a friends and family. Whether it was encouragement, food or just a hug I found the relief I needed. Good things happened this month too, and because of the good things, the wonder of “Why?” was only intensified.

I hope that I can do the same thing for those I know not of yet and those I know well. I hope I can bring a smile, allow someone to sigh a breath of relief by giving a hug and just simply giving when needed. My friends and family were my humanitarians, my blessings and I am so thankful for them. Don’t under estimate your humanitarian work, because there are always ways to help.

As I enter into the month of May I am not only celebrating a new month, but a new year of my life. Quarter Century old, I know not its not that old at all. My Grandfather called it the perfect age. Like the man named Job I will press on, with the mind-set that this is just the beginning, and I am quite sure not the end of difficult times or good things to come.

I am unclear if this post was actually worthy of being a part of this blog but it is here now.


3 thoughts on “The Humanitarian Experience: When you’re the one in need

  1. My sympathies for the troubles you have had to endure. Take care and stay strong. Things ALWAYS get better. That is what I learnt from my mother

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