Meanwhile in Lazaro Cardines, B.C Mexico…

As I recover from my appendectomy this past week I have had the chance to catch up on things like, nap time, television viewing, visits from my family and friends, also spending time with my caregiver…my husband :). This week my husband reminded me, of a story that I almost forgot to share with you all.

Meanwhile in Lazaro Cardines, B.C Mexico…

When my husband was in Mexico three weeks ago he was able to visit a family that he helped build a permanent house for. This family was living in a structure that even the poor struggle to afford, and were in need of a more permanent home. Many homes in the area where we work are made of cardboard which needs to be replaced constantly. This particular family’s original home was built out of old garage doors. The efficiency of humanity surprises me, mostly because I have not ever had to survive like some do. I have seen the garage door dream homes and used tire stair cases to heaven.

After catching up and sitting down to a refreshing Mexican soda (which is always better because they use real sugar) my husband noticed that the old garage door house was no longer on their property. The father of the family explained that there was another family that had no shelter that was in need. After he moved his family into their new home, he gave his old home away.

Garage Door Dream House – The gray structure is the Garage Door House 2011

They described how the other family destructed the house and took it away piece by piece.

When I think about this it makes me feel thankful for my fellow-man. Thankful that there are people out there who are unconditionally good. Giving is hard, but giving when you are the one in need is even harder. The family could have sold the garage door home, and could have used the money, but they didn’t. They gave,  becoming the neighborhood philanthropist and humanitarian. Sowing where they would not reap.

Giving is infectious, go infect some with a life changing gift.

I want to thank you all for your support. We are seeing some slight improvements in my cousin’s health. Also, for simply reading my blog, Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Lazaro Cardines, B.C Mexico…

  1. This is a really moving post! When you read or hear about this side of humanity, you realize that there is enough good left in the world and that is exactly what is maintaining its balance.

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