Meanwhile in Uganda…

This morning I woke in a terrible mood. My stomach was hurting and there was  nothing to wear to work. After snapping at my husband I walked out the door, missed my exit on the freeway, and arrived frazzled at work. And then reality hit.

This is the purpose of this blog, to make you examine the real things in this world that matter, today it helped me remember. A few years back I heard about the attrocities that were happening in Africa and the invisble children who are forced to be invisble to avoid being kidnapped by the LRA a militia in Central Africa. To avoid the children from becoming child soldiers or sex slaves, they are forced to travel by gaurd, at night to go to school. The Invisible Children Organization is working to stop this from happening. Everyday these kids are being brainwashed and over 30,000 have already been taken, and there is one man behind it all.. Joseph Kony. Please watch their awareness video, it will make your skin crawl but I hope that it will also make an impact on your day as it did mine.

Meanwhile in Uganda…

Go to to sign the pledge.

What will you do to Stop Kony?


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