Meanwhile in Uganda Pt. 2…

The Kony 2012 campaign has become extremely big over the last 12 hours or so. I guess you could call the awareness portion of the campaign a success.

As we began to look around we saw that as always there are two view points to each story. Some of us found that the details of the Kony Campaign are not as in line with our point of view on how to solve the evident issue of child abduction in Uganda.

I wanted to follow-up with you all. There are many organizations out there attempting to stop Abduction and trafficking of children. If you are feeling like, you would like to support someone else who is fighting the fight, then go for it.

Also, don’t be turned off to giving because others are posting things, condemning those who are just starting to join in fighting against the evils of the world. We all have to start somewhere on the path of humanitarianism. I have personally experienced backlash from people, in my desires to help others. It is strange but it happens…


One thought on “Meanwhile in Uganda Pt. 2…

  1. that’s it. go, do it! is the only real activity. Unless, it is done, nothing changes.
    (Not just specific to this one.)

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