Meanwhile in Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana…

 This morning I woke up to the beautiful California sun and a light breeze (I truly believe that the Sun shines a little differently in California). I put on a light sweater and met the fresh air with a smile, as my husband and I went out to enjoy a delicious breakfast burrito, ahh brunch!  Meanwhile in U.S states such as Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, people are finally encountering the calm after the storm. After nearly a week of tornadoes the weather seems to be giving way.

San Francisco Ca. - A little slice of heaven... that could one day be sucked into the depths of the earth.

One statement that I often hear after natural disasters is “Why do they continue to live there?” Here in California the threat of a tornado is fairly low, I have only encountered 2 -3 serious tornado warnings, which from my recollection turned out to be an overreaction.  Our most realistic threat is a major earthquake or depending on where you live in California, a flood. When I meet people from states that don’t have earthquakes they often mention earthquakes, as if I needed reminding that the plates beneath my feet might open and suck me down into the depths of the earth. My response to this is “Have you seen the Sun in California?”

So why is it that we are not searching for the perfect place to live; that utopia of weather and free from natural disaster? One obvious response is it doesn’t exist, not on earth anyways. Everyplace on this earth has a piece of heaven in it, only it is spread out within the many lands with the potential for disaster sprinkled in here and there.From these natural disasters humanity has become resilient, and although we wonder why others would put themselves in nature’s way, we may not realize that we are doing the same thing just on a different avenue of the weather map. Floods, Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Droughts, Tsunamis and freezing temperatures are a fact of life in this world. We cannot escape to a magical land free of disaster until death, but we can prepare and be aware of our environment.

My hearts truly go out to those that have lost their lives in the storms of the mid-west and the families that were left behind to pick up the pieces but I am inspired by the Human ability to move forward and not completely crumble in the face of disaster.  I can assume with great integrity that the people from the Mid-Western United States will rebuild their homes and communities and in a few years it will be as if a tornado never tried to take the people of the mid-west to Oz.

If you would like to contribute to the resilience of humanity and assist those in the mid-western United Sates, you can GIVE your time and even your money to Convoy of Hope. They are on the ground providing assistance in debris removal and giving emergency supplies to the people and communities affected. On their giving page you can choose to give directly to their U.S disaster relief program. I even encourage you to take a look around and find out how they are helping in other areas of the world.

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One thought on “Meanwhile in Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana…

  1. As you said, “One obvious response is it doesn’t exist, not on earth anyways.” is true. You have a huge heart, to take time to write about this, here.

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